Posted by: depthcharge101 | January 4, 2009

Key Sounds Label – KSL Live World 2008 Live CD Release

KSL Live World 2008 was a concert held last year in May, it featured music from games like Air, Little Busters, etc made by the company Key. Singers involved included Lia, Chata (茶太), Rita and Tamiyasu Tomoe (民安ともえ), MC’s were Orito Shinji (折戸伸治, composer) and Tamiyasu Tomoe.

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Can’t comment much on Rita and Tamiyasu, haven’t heard most of their concert songs. Lia’s performance was decent, and of course the first track I tried was the signature theme Tori no Uta (鳥の詩). Not too bad, although I find the original a little better. Maeda Jun’s (麻枝准) memorable instrumental Natsukage (夏影) was performed as an encore, too.

Chata’s performance was probably slightly better, although not sure if it was technical microphone problem or her nervousness, Chata’s voice sounded a little shaky at times.

Some samples from the concert:

Maeda Jun (麻枝准), Orito Shinji (折戸伸治) and Togoshi Magome (戸越まごめ) are the main composers from Key.

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