Posted by: depthcharge101 | January 6, 2009

Tales of the Abyss image album, Rozen Maiden piano and strings album


Tales of the Abyss image album released today. General pop stuff I suppose, artists involved are kukui, Ceui, Yuuki Aira (結城アイラ) and Yukana (ゆかな). More update to follow when it’s up on the internet.

More importantly, Rozen Maiden strings album! Rozen Maiden piano collection is announced sometime ago and scheduled to be released in 3 days (9th January), but I just found that a strings album will be released on 25th February, piano album is quite common but strings isn’t something you see very often, yes. Hyped.

Rozen Maiden Piano Collection:

Rozen Maiden Strings Album:

Mitsumune Shinkichi (光宗信吉) is the composer of all Rozen Maiden’s soundtracks.


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