Posted by: depthcharge101 | January 12, 2009

It’s here~ Tales of the Abyss Image Album “brilliant world”

Hmm, took a while but it’s up:

Note: Link may not work after some time

First impression, not too bad, although I must say it doesn’t give me much Tales of the Abyss vibe/feel. Since it doesn’t come with the booklet, I don’t know who the composers are, but kukui’s tracks will have myu composing. I also don’t think Sakuraba Motoi is involved (please correct me if you know).


  1. Ceui – brilliant world (sample)
  2. kukui – Flourish
  3. kukui – Ooinaru Itonami (大いなる営み)
  4. kukui – Towa no Yuki to Toga (永久の雪と咎)
  5. Yuuki Aira (結城アイラ) – Kokou no Meikyuu (孤高の迷宮)
  6. kukui -Mirai no Hate (未来の果て)
  7. Ceui – Karisu (カリス) (sample)
  8. Yuuki Aira (結城アイラ) – Juramento
  9. Yukana (ゆかな) – Kaze Tsumugi no Aria (風紡ぎのアリア) (sample)
  10. kukui – Passage

Don’t have a whole lot to comment since it’s just out, but my favourite track for now is Ceui’s Karisu.

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