Posted by: depthcharge101 | February 8, 2009

It’s finally here, Rozen Maiden Piano Sound Album !

Been waiting for it for a while now (almost wanted to buy it), but it’s finally up:

Maybe it is a good thing that I didn’t buy it because I find the album a little disappointing. I’ve always loved Rozen Maiden’s harpsichord, piano and violin music, and have been looking forward to this piano album, but I think a lot of the tracks are a little over-arranged (some bearing little resemblance to the original melody), and most of them are a composition of multiple different original tracks, which is fine but some of the transitions just feel a bit forceful.

With that said, the album is still decent and any fans of the original soundtrack should at least give it a try. The track selection is actually quite good, with memorable themes like Battle of Rose (in track 11), Barasuishou (薔薇水晶) (in track 12), Bara no Jubaku (薔薇の呪縛) (in track 10), Bara Otome (薔薇乙女) (in track 9) being chosen. Hmm a lot of roses there. Anyway below is the tracklist and some samples:

  1. Tanjou ~Ketakaki Dolls~ (誕生~気高きドールズ~) (sample)
  2. Kinjirareta Asobi (禁じられた遊び) -Piano Sound Album Version-
  3. Bara Otome (薔薇乙女)
  4. Odayakana Nichijou (穏やかな日常)
  5. Chiisana Otome (小さな乙女)
  6. Kashimashii Otome Tachi (かしましい乙女たち)
  7. Yuukei (夕景)
  8. Tantei Kunkun (探偵くんくん)
  9. Otome no Ishi (乙女の意志) (sample)
  10. Bara Otome no Unmei (薔薇乙女の運命) (sample)
  11. Alice Game (アリスゲーム) (sample)
  12. Tatakai no Hate (戦いの果て) (sample)
  13. Toumei Shelter (透明シェルター) -Piano Sound Album Version- (sample)

Next up would be the strings album, scheduled to be released at the end of this month (25th Februrary). It should be good, nothing can go wrong with strings :P


  1. With regards to that last comment, one can only hope that’s the case. The piano album was a bit below my expectations and so, I’m not going to keep my hopes up too high lest I be disappointed again and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the album was subpar.

    (Shameless plug, but I did review the Piano Album over on my blog as well. You might want to check it out :P )

    (Also, there need to be more anime music blogs :V)

  2. Ah, I am expecting quite a bit. There are some reviews on amazon and both are extremely positive, and both users didn’t enjoy the piano album much.

    Can’t wait for it, I might buy it if it turns out awesome.

  3. Well, that’s certainly a positive. Any word on who was doing the arranging for the violin stuff? And I’m assuming it’s solo violin or are we talking a string quartet kind of deal?

  4. Nope, but guess what, it’s HERE :) A nipponsei release, a post to follow, eventually.

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