Posted by: depthcharge101 | March 2, 2009

Rozen Maiden Strings Sound Album

A little lucky this time, an early release by Nipponsei:

I was expecting a string orchestra, but it turned out to be a string quartet, a little too classical in nature for my liking, but that’s just my personal bias.


  1. Seishoujo Ryouiki (聖少女領域) -Strings Sound Album Version-
  2. Laplace no Ma (ラプラスの魔) (sample)
  3. Yasashiki Otou-sama (優しきお父様)
  4. Otome wa Tenshin Ranman (乙女は天真爛漫)
  5. Tantei Kunkun (探偵くんくん)
  6. Mebae (芽生え)
  7. Shun (瞬) (sample)
  8. Bara no Jubaku (薔薇の呪縛) (sample)
  9. Hitori (ヒトリ) (sample)
  10. Tatakai no Unmei (戦いの運命)
  11. Yume no Kakera (夢の欠片) (sample)
  12. Kibou wo Dai te (希望を抱いて)
  13. Hikari no Rasenritsu (光の螺旋律) -Strings Sound Album Version- (sample)

This album is arranged by UbiQuinta, the same musician who did the Piano Sound Album. Unlike the piano album, UbiQuinta took a more conservative approach this time and kept the arrangement as close as possible to the original. As a whole, I’d say the strings album is better, but a few issues still persist.

The first issue would be the abrupt change of melodies. Similar to the piano album, each track is a composition of a few music pieces from the original soundtrack. The piano album has the same issue, but it is even more noticeable in this album, to the point where the tracks would have felt better if they were separate tracks in the first place. After all, there’s no point in forcefully binding a few tracks into one, if they just can’t be made to flow into each other naturally. Have a listen at Laplace no Ma and you’d totally understand.

Second would be the abrupt ending of a few tracks. Bara no Jubaku, a beautiful instrumental piece in the original soundtrack, is also a solid track in this album, or so I thought when I first heard it. UbiQuinta crafted about a minute of introduction before getting into the creatively re-arranged original melody. But just as you are enjoying the tune it is cut off, almost unreasonably, when it’s right in the climax. I still love the track and it’s one of my favourite in the album, but it leaves one wondering why it is arranged in such a way.

With that said, Rozen Maiden Strings Sound Album is still an album worth trying for fans of the original music. Personally, it would have been an instant favourite had it been a string orchestra, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers =/


  1. Ha! Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who thinks that UbiQuinta’s transitions were terrible. And this is given the fact that I haven’t even listened to this album all that closely either.

    Yes, the arrangements are a notch above the piano album’s works and somehow, I get the feeling that UbiQuinta is more comfortable in blending the sound in a string quartet than solo piano.

    I’ll be spending the next few days getting a better feel for the album before I post my own thoughts. Mostly to research which pieces from the OST UbiQuinta is arranging for each track on this album.

  2. Nah, I think anyone could feel the forceful transition, it’s almost as if he just plug the next track right after the end of the first, as simple as that.

    I might change my opinion as I listen more to the album, but for now, I am pretty confident to conclude that it is far inferior to the original. Mitsumune, we need you to re-release these 2 albums!

    And really, part of the disappointment comes from my expectation of it being a string orchestra when I read the words “strings sound album”. It is probably my fault on that part, though…

    Looking forward to your review on the album, and also the research result on the arranger UbiQuinta (couldn’t find much about him myself)

  3. Oh, when I said research, I meant comparing the track from the OST to the tracks on this album. UbiQuinta is a pen-name of sorts and beyond the Naisho no Tsubomi OST, he/she? hasn’t been credited with anything else to my knowledge.

    After all, you know it’s a problem when a link to my blog entry and your blog turn up on the first page of a Google search under “UbiQuinta.” :p

  4. Haha that’s right. And then there’s also other random ubiquintas….

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