Posted by: depthcharge101 | March 9, 2009

Another Harmonia Update


  1. Chouwa ~Fuurai no Shirabe~ (調和~風来の調べ~)
  2. Harukanaru Tabiji (遥かなる旅路)
  3. Kiseki (軌跡)
  4. Kaze to Rashinban (風と羅針盤)
  5. Chouwa ~Homura no Kyoumei~ (調和~焔の共鳴~)
  6. Uzumebi (埋火)
  7. Replicare (レプリカーレ)
  8. Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~Rengoku~ (うみねこのなく頃に~煉獄~)
  9. Chouwa ~Utakata no Komoriuta~ (調和~泡沫の子守唄~)
  10. Kuon no Umi (久遠の海)
  11. Aoiro Kandzume (アオイロ缶詰)
  12. Tsuisouka (追想花)
  13. Chouwa ~Daichi no Sanka~ (調和~大地の讃歌~)
  14. Utau Oka (謳う丘) ~Salavec rhaplanca.~
  15. Amnesia
  16. Chouwa (調和) ~Harmonia~
  17. Harmonia ~Mihatenu Chi e~ (~見果てぬ地へ~)

Information sites:

There are some song samples on the Salburg site, be sure to check it out if you are interested. An arranged version of the Ar Tonelico 2’s opening theme is one of the samples.

Release date is March 18th.


  1. Heh, I see what you mean when you noted in your main page about her why she takes awhile to get used to. Still, it’s not as jarring an experience and the music does sound fairly nice and it’ll prompt me to actually listen to Ar Tonelico 2’s music since that soundtrack has been sitting on my computer forever.

  2. Ah that’s nice to know, always good to have an extra fan to appreciate Shikata’s music. If you are trying out her stuff, I do recommend the Ar Tonelico 1 soundtracks, I think they are a little easier to get into it compare to 2.

  3. Refresh my memory, but doesn’t Ar Tonelico 1 have some random rap segments in there? If so, those were just a tad hard for me to get through.

  4. If you mean the instrumental soundtrack, yea but I think there are only just 2-3 tracks, which isn’t a lot. But Shikata isn’t too involved in the instrumental soundtrack, when I say AT1 soundtracks (notice the plural), I mean the instrumental ones and the vocal hymmnos one :)

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