Posted by: depthcharge101 | April 14, 2009

Shikata Akiko’s Unreleased/Preview Track

Bundled with the first press release of Shikata’s Harmonia last month, there’s a preview/unreleased track that can be downloaded via handphone (though it is not trivial for those who don’t live in Japan). It is a track that Shikata is still working on and this 40-second track serves nothing more than a teaser for most.

Sadly, some of her fans could not even be teased, since they can’t get it in the first place. Although today I was lucky enough to meet someone who had it. All credit goes to Yumi and Michelle (from And so here is the track for those who are interested:

Sounds like Aurora (Raka’s) or a water type track (I guess the title sort of gave it away). Now that I’ve heard it, I am definitely looking forward to hearing the full version. But this also raises another question – what is Shikata doing with this one track? Is she planning to release a mini album or a single or something? Hmm yes we can all be hopeful…


  1. Whoa! You really got lucky at finding it! Congrats for it, and a lot of thanks for sharing it with everyone (and it really sounds like the type of music I liked from RAKA and Harmonia, maybe I will end liking it a lot once the full version is released, if it actually does).

  2. Really enjoyable preview track. Definitely like the way it just kinda flows along in an ethereal manner. (The harmony probably helps in that regard as well.) Still need to give her Harmonia album a listen since I’ve been putting that off for so long.

  3. By the way, checking through the songs I had stored in my hard drive, I found something that looks like a preview track for Inori ~ Monlam ~:

    Looks like this isn’t the first track of this kind that Shikata has done.

  4. Interesting… it’s quite different from the released version, do you remember how did you get it? Trying to see if the preview track is released years before Raka…

  5. Well, I got it downloading from Winny… so I don’t have idea of when it was released… Sorry for not being able to help much with this.

  6. Sorry for having vanished from the net for so much time, but I think I finally found about when and how Preghiera was released, based on some japanese message boards I read:

    Apparently, it was put up for download in the VAGRANCY site during a short while a little after Navigatoria’s release. I think that could mean that the full version for Acqua could be released with the next album that Shikata makes (whenever and if she makes other one).

  7. Interesting.

    Haven’t heard anything regarding Shikata’s new album, I think it’ll be at least a year or more before the next one gets released.

  8. It could be even more time, given how far apart were the releases of Navigatoria and Raka, and the releases of Raka and Harmonia.

    By the way, did you give a listen to Shikata’s Harmonia Concert Pamphlet?

  9. Hm hm? Shikata’s Harmonia Concert Pamphlet? I have seen the concert tracklist but that’s all.

    Although most likely I will be going to Shimotsuki’s concert in november ! Ticket bought : )

    Did a little googling and saw your post on ffshrine.

    So this is the AT2 final boss track thats never released… Very beautiful, I wonder why it’s not put into the OST…

  10. That’s quite a mystery (and trying to figure what it’s being sung there is quite a pain)…

    And well, it’s also peculiar that they included an orgel remix of a discarded song for At1 in that CD.

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