Posted by: depthcharge101 | April 17, 2009

Red Garden

It seems like for the past few weeks Shikata Akiko was the only artist getting all the attention, but… not this time. This time it is about Red Garden Original Soundtrack, a beautiful album by Senju Akira (千住明) introduced to me not long ago (thanks zzeroparticle~).

I noticed that a lot of things I grew to love didn’t always appeal to me on my first try. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I really actually like them or I am just got accustomed to them. But in any case, this Red Garden OST is an exception.


Complete tracklist.

I was charmed when I listened to the first track, Main Theme ~ Sou dearu to Negau Kara. The first minute introductory might feel uninteresting and generic, but the real treat doesn’t start until the flute kicks in a little after a minute. From then on, the theme of the album – Hope or Longing, is conveyed with a mixture of heavenly oboe, strings and light harp arranged melody.

The second track, Kojin no Shi is an example of Senju Akira’s elegant manipulation of mood and tension in his music. With 2 simple layers of instruments, the depression, fear and anxiety related to death are vividly expressed. My only gripe with the track is that it is a little too short ><

KOKIA also sang for a few tracks in this album (although every track in this album is composed and arranged by Senju himself). If you have heard her albums before, be surprised. It’s nothing that resembles her usual music, the closest comparison would be her stood-out-from-the-rest Trip Trip album, but even so it is quite different. A hymn of KOKIA harmonizing Senju’s mesmerizing aria is probably the best description to for all her tracks in this album.

The most amazing thing I find in this album, is Senju Akira’s ability to blend classical with hints of modern elements in his music. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but I recommend a listen on a quiet night before sleep :)

Download links:


  1. Glad you were able to get a lot of enjoyment out of this soundtrack :D

    I think that this album easily ranks among my top 10 favorite anime albums because Senju does such a wonderful job, especially with some of the more melancholy themes (and if you’ve seen the series, you’ll definitely know why).

    It’s also served as my first introduction to KOKIA and I really liked how she sang some of the pieces. The last track on the album is by far my favorite.

    In any case, glad to be of help in this instance!

  2. Yea listening the ost do make me feel like watching the show, but based on what I can read (without spoilers), it seems to be a fairly dark, average show. Do you think it’s worth watching?

  3. It’s certainly dark in that the story’s themes deal with the concept of death, but I’d hardly call it average because I was totally entranced by the characters and how they were portrayed given the situation that they were put in to. I’d go as far as to say that a lot of the enjoyment this show has to offer comes because of how differently each character reacts and the way the characters drive the plot is top notch and that’s why I enjoyed it so much.

    If anything, I consider it to be a very underrated series and I think most of the dislike comes from people who expected more action rather than a character-driven show.

  4. I see, I’m getting it then.

    <3 Character driven show.

  5. […] despite not having seen the series (and correct me if I’m wrong on this :p) has already written his favorable impressions of Red Garden’s soundtrack and in case his words and the samples he posted weren’t […]

  6. finally found it!I love it!I’ve been found it for so long…

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