Posted by: depthcharge101 | May 10, 2009

New Shikata Single in August

Shikata Akiko is doing the OP for Umineko no Naku Koro ni (anime). The opening single is scheduled to be released on August 19th. Don’t think it’ll be using the same theme as the game (it’d be odd to release another single that has the same music…).


  1. I can’t wait for this one. Great works of Akiko Shikata.

  2. And according to the page, and to Shikata’s blog, the OP song has received a name by now, and there’s a sample available now:


  3. Hm thanks for the news!

    Are you able to listen to the sample? It’s not working for me =/

  4. Unfortunately not, looks like the link for the sample is damaged or something, so I had to grab it from the Animesuki forums (and I think that the sample has been uploaded in Youtube as well).

  5. And well, it’s not much, but since the Umineko anime at last has started airing, at least the TV-Size version of the song is available for hearing now (now I’m waiting the single more impatiently):

  6. Oo I’ve just watched the show. The OP is standard Shikata stuff but it’s the usual good stuff <3

    I actually started the umineko game 2 weeks ago… the anime-version felt rather condensed and rushed, but the art is so much better.

  7. I haven’t played the VN nor watched the anime, and I doubt I’ll do it soon (I’m somewhat allergic to anything that has gore… but I can’t stay away from the music, of course.)

  8. Hm although I don’t think Shikata will be too involved in the music besides doing the opening. Couldn’t find any information on the composer of the series too…

    But yea I haven’t heard anything but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s gore. It’s created by the same creator who did higurashi and its story structure is similar. Although, the story of the game in general is quite well praised, so it’s not just a show made for the gore (if that’s what you had in mind).

    A long whileeeee until the single is released =/

  9. Yeah, I know that the series is not pure gore, that it’s more like a mystery/psychological thriller, but it’s just something I wouldn’t enjoy much.

    And for now, to continue awaiting the single’s release date…

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