Posted by: depthcharge101 | June 29, 2009

New wallpaper vector

Not a music update =/

Started a new wallpaper vector a few weeks ago, outlines are now done ^^


On a slightly music related note, Ooshima Michiru’s Bounen no Xamdou Original Soundtrack is scheduled to be released on July 22nd


  1. すごいね!

  2. どうもどうも。

  3. why do i have a feeling it kinda looks like the dekai hime @_@

  4. It can’t be anyone else can it :p

  5. How is it coming along? :p

  6. Stalled a little because of work + umineko + mahjong + blazblue ><

    Needs more time in life =/

  7. Yeap.. Everybody could do much better with a little more time indeed. :)

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