Posted by: depthcharge101 | September 21, 2009

Nanairo no Kiseki

Nanairo no Kiseki 2560x1600-warped


Ah… it’s finally done. Started this project back in June when I got a tablet as my bday present, took a while to finish it due to work and everything in life =/

Anyway, Alice is one of the few characters that I have always wanted to wall, and then I saw this character image on Alice’s monthly Undine magazine and thought I have to do something. After getting the tablet I was pumped and decided to vector it, even though I’m well aware that I wouldn’t have much time for it. And so after 3 long months I finished it. Lots of fun and pain in the process, but I guess it’s all worth it. After vector is done, I probably spent about a week or two to draw up the background.

2560×1600 Textless version: Link

七色のキセキ (Nanairo no Kiseki) literally means seven colours miracle, or miracle of seven colours. The miracle refers to the scene, and what gives birth to the scene (miracle) is sunlight, which is made up of seven colours. Of course, the rainbow has seven colours, and it could be related to the title, but the rainbow idea came much later after the title, so it’s just a mere coincidence.

Progress: Link

Comment: The hair colouring was the first bump that I got. Took me a while to understand how to colour it right… and then, it was the eyes O_O. They were really really hard… probably because it was the first time I tried drawing eyes without basing on the original, and it took about 5 days until I have a version I was satisfied with… After the vector is done, coming up with an idea of the background was the next challenge. Since it’s Aria, I figured I should go with blue sky and water, and it turned up pretty alright. Oh, painting the clouds is one of the most fun part in the whole process.

Credits: Kenneth, Min, Si Huai, Chen Siang – Lots of thanks for the tablet and all the comments while I was working through the thing! When I wasn’t sure on things or was confused on random bits, they are the people that I bug ><

More resolutions at AniPaper

Edit: Warped the perspective a little. Original at here.


  1. Alice looked a bit old and less childish to me

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