Posted by: depthcharge101 | November 25, 2009

Shimotsuki Haruka’s Fantasy Concert 23/11

Went to her concert a few days ago, it was really really amazing. Shimotsuki didn’t break a sweat doing the high pitch notes, and her voice sounded even better in live. She also looked a lot thinner than what I had in mind based on her older pictures floating around on the Internet…

She performed all the songs from Thindaria and a few selected ones from Griotte. Based on my memory, she did the instrumental, Erabareta Tami, Kienai Kakera, Ohime-sama to Doukeshi, Kooru Sekai, Madara no Kuni and Sora Watashi (and possibly 1 more). Good picks from Griotte, although I was slightly disappointed that she only did songs from her two latest albums and not others (Yuragu Sora ><).

Thindaria was performed with a story telling style, with stories and scenes projected on to a screen, which gave a little more context about the songs. If you have read the Thindaria story before, then it’s nothing new. Oh and Sawashiro Miyuki was the narrator, but the narration was recorded.

The band that performed with her is WYRDRAD, the same band who did her last concert. On a slightly unrelated note, the female violinist (KANACO) is quite hot too !

And of course there were merchandises being sold, like her albums, mascot, keychains, t shirts, muffler, etc. I really wanted to buy Yuragu Sora, but it was sold out. Bought other CDs and random things like the mascot, t-shirt, muffler, pamphlet etc.

During the concert, she mentioned that she’ll be doing another one next year, but it’ll be in Osaka this time. Not sure if it’s going to be a similar fantasy style concert, but I am more than happy to go again ! Hopefully there would be cheap flight tickets to Japan.

All in all, the concert is just nothing but amazing. Hopefully there will be a DVD release since we did see a lot of cameras rolling around to record the concert.


  1. *gets jealous* :)

    Glad to see you could attend to the concert and enjoy it so much!

    I’d have died for going there, but unfortunately, going to Japan from my country is an impossibility currently…

    Seems I’ll have to continue dreaming with the day when I’ll be finally able to go to one concert of either Shimotsuki or Shikata…

  2. I am sure you will some day, everyone graduates from uni or college eventually : )

    But yes I am still dying to go for a Shikata’s one. I hope they both do one at about the same time next year ><.

    Will write up a little more about the concert merchandise and maybe pictures in a week when I get back.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement!

    And well, I’ll be looking forward to see what you have to show from the concert.

    And have a nice return trip! :)

  4. […] concert DVD release ! Shimotsuki’s fantasy concert last month will be having a DVD release~ This is a first and it could mean future concerts might be treated […]

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