Posted by: depthcharge101 | December 9, 2009

Shimotsuki Stopping Maple Leaf Doujin Activity

Shimotsuki Haruka has just announced a few days ago on her blog that she’ll be stopping her doujin circle Maple Leaf and tieLeaf after the winter Comiket.The posts can be read here and here.

I was quite shocked when Aquagon mentioned about it first time, but after reading the posts it seems like she would still be continuing her fantasy music creation but the administration and handling work will be done by other people (the way how commercial albums are made I guess). Hopefully she’ll get more time to work on her own music, since that is the whole reason of stopping the doujin activity and not fall into the situation where she’ll only sing J-Pop theme songs =/

Quite a sudden announcement, and I guess fans would be too shocked if she announced this during the concert last month…


  1. Sorry for shocking you. I guess I should have put some more of detail when I made that comment, and I apologize for that. I’ll try to be more careful next time.

    And I agree with you, since it would be a real shame if she stopped completely the creation of the fantasy music that most of her fans (including us) have come to appreciate and love. And by the way, I might be wrong, but the posts didn’t mention something too about the distribution of the doujin albums she has released so far?

  2. Yea it did say that copies of the doujin / fantasy albums will no longer be produced, so get them now while there’s still stock !

    But then again, you can’t really buy the really old doujin albums like Yuragu Sora online anyway (and I couldn’t find it in shops in Japan as well, new copies at least), so I guess the point is moot.

    Now that I have thought a little more about it, I think it’s actually good news. It does mean that she has finally gained enough support or popularity to graduate from doujin and publish things commercially, although I am still ever worried that she might not be able to spend time doing her own music as promised…

    Guess time will tell.

  3. Hi, I discovered your blog after reading about you on wikipedia.

    It’s sad when talent has to squelch itself. I liked her performances in Innocent Grey’s games so far. Unfortunately I hear the Japanese music industry is absolutely cuttthroat and it’s a buyer’s market through and through–“if you don’t make the cut, there are hundreds, if not thousands, all willing to take your place.”

    Have you heard about a music circle called “KIM’S SOUNDROOM”? They seem to have done quite a bit of music for an eroge publisher called “Orbit-soft,” and one of their soundtracks for the game called “Kao no nai Tsuki” was good enough for me to actually buy it, despite my not being able to understand the game itself. The game soundtrack to Touka Gettan seems quite good too, from the few tracks I’ve actually heard.

    If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to know some more about Innocent Grey’s games by e-mailing you. You seem to know your way around them, and there’s much about the games that intrigues me.

    Thanks for keeping this blog active.



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