Posted by: depthcharge101 | May 11, 2010

Shimotsuki’s Live Lv. 3

Shimotsuki had two concerts recently, one in Tokyo and another in Osaka. She will be having one more on the 15th at Tokyo Akasaka Blitz.

Set list:

  1. Omoi no Kanata (想いのカナタ)
  3. Kienai Uta (消えない欠片)
  4. Tsuisou no Mado (追葬の窓)
  5. Kazahane (カザハネ)
  6. Yuragu Sora (ユラグソラ)
  7. Yume Watashi ~ Negai no Shirushi (夢渡し ~ 希いの標)
  8. Neji Maku Tokei ga Tsuki no Michikake o Kizamu (捻子巻く時計が月の満ち欠けを刻む)
  9. snowdrop
  10. Boukyaku no Tsubasa (忘却の翼)
  11. Fushigi Mori (Inst.) (フシギノモリ)
  12. break time
  13. ~kukui’s corner~

  14. Little Primrose
  15. Hikari no Rasenritsu (光の螺旋律)
  16. ~Ar tonelico’s corner~

  17. Byakuya Gensoutan (白夜幻想譚)
  18. EXEC_LINCA/.
  19. Hoshimeguri no Uta (星巡りの詩)
  20. Owari no Toki e (終焉の時へ)
  21. Nemuri no Hate no Aoi Hana (眠りの果ての蒼い花)
  22. ~Encore~

  23. Owari no nai Tabi (終わりのない旅)
  24. Michibiki no Harmony (導きのハーモニー)

Random comments:

  • Yuragu Sora! One of the few tracks that she has never failed to perform in all her solo live.
  • Hikari no Rasenritsu… Another personal favourite.
  • Good selection overall. Considerably less pop theme songs compared to her second live.
  • Would be awesome if she would do the harder ar tonelico songs. And also get Shikata Akiko as a guest : )
  • Hopefully there will be a DVD release. Although Shimotsuki mentioned that it might not be possible because the songs performed come from everywhere and there are a lot of publishing and copyright issues to deal with. But there’s always hope.

Source of the set list: link


  1. *sigh*
    Talking about a good selection… All of the Tindharia bonus songs, plus the two newest Laq-Quara songs… (*dies for Yumewatashi*)

    Really, the copyright and publishing laws should be changed to allow the singer to keep part of her creative control over them, which could reduce the difficulty on the concerts being released… but well, that’s simply impossible to ask.

    And while I agree that having her and Shikata perform a concert together would be the greatest thing ever (EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA/. live…), that on the other hand would just become a bigger disappointment if we can’t watch it, especially since we already missed out some special Ar tonelico related concerts, the highlights being the Hymmnos Bandlive Mix concert (EXEC_PHANTASMAGORIA/. live, and Dahna and Yuuko Ishibashi singing York of Love in duet) and the Hip-on-Lip One Man concert (long version of the short Cello no Hikari ~Calm~ song from Claire’s musical).

    Oh, and by the way, the romanization for 消えない欠片 wasn’t Kienai Uta, according to Griotte’s booklet?

  2. Well a DVD release might still be possible, it’s just not as easy as say her fantasy concert dvd release. *prays hard*

    About the concerts, well no! There’s still the chance of dvd release, plus we aren’t always going to be missing it : ) Hoping to find a chance to go back to Japan again.

    Btw there’ll be another ar tonelico related concert (this month). Saw the promotion in one of the scans from Shimotsuki’s Michibiki no Harmony album. Sadly there’s no Shikata Akiko, again. Not too sure why, maybe Shikata doesn’t like performing live or something, as she’s always missing in these sort of concerts.

    Oops, sorry about the romaji error. Fixed.

  3. :o… wow… so many concert that Shimotsuki had..

    hopefully there is the DVD

  4. well noticing akiko shikata’s songs it involves a lot of layering i would be that much surprised if she gets able to manage a single concert -_-… well then again she made her mark with a bunch of web releases with an orgel of some sort… (even her orgel works were like layered as well)

  5. In Shikata’s case, she’ll basically have to cheat and get those multi-layered voices recorded =/ So yea she sings like normal with her own voice and get the others recorded.

    At least this is what I can see from her youtube concert vids. I’d very much want experience her concerts in the near future ><

  6. even if i want too -_- but it aint cheap for me to get a visa -_- sigh… then again im not used to concert atmosphere

  7. Hmm I think the plane ticket would be the bomb, and the accommodation fee : p

  8. ohh yeah long time no see this just in another MANYO and shimotsuki haruka compilation from Innocent grey next year january lol

  9. Interesting, Shimotsuki didn’t even mention this at all. Good find.

    It seems like Shimotsuki’s having another concert this November again:

  10. heres their tweeter accounts so you can also know if they would have mor updates that is not yet posted at the site (yeah it does feel like your a stalker)
    MANYO’s tweeter
    shimotsuki’s tweeter

  11. Yea I know about their twitter accounts, it’s just that I don’t really do tweeter and generally I get most of the news from their blogs, which is usually good enough.

    you might be able to expound more details on the concert

  13. Ah looks like Shikata is going to have a concert in October ><…..

  14. and oh yeah im not sue if this is quite new ot you would ever mind this but shikata made a tweeter account

  15. Hmm yea I actually only know it recently when she mentioned it in a blog post… Won’t be following anyone on tweeter, though.

    Ah… I want to go the concert =/

  16. I think this may be the set list for Shimotsukin’s recent live:

  17. Thank you so much for list! Yuragu sora!!!! I knew she’d always do it.

    The concert… it is very short. Only 14+ songs…

    Looks like she has announced her 4th commercial album (based on that blog).

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