The author had always wondered the purpose of this page. After all, this site is about the musicians and their music, the author is merely writing a few words about the music he has come to love and enjoy. Nevertheless, he figured that it was the norm to have an “About” page for any blogs, and write about himself he did.

The author was born in Malaysia and grew up like any other boys, curious about the world and everything. Malaysia, being a multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic country, has made him learnt more languages than most kids around the world. By high school age, he knew Chinese, Cantonese, English, Malay and Hopo (a dialect), but it came with a price – jack of all trades, master of none.

In school, mathematics was his favourite subject, and he had even naively dreamt of becoming a mathematician when he grew up. Fascinated by numbers, he sought out to learn more and excelled in the subject, participating competitions locally and nationally. But this had caused him to neglect literature and languages, essay writing had always been his weakest thing and he disliked those subjects. Passing the subjects was his aim and he did not attempt to improve on them, thinking they were unimportant.

Gaming was also an important part of his life. The author started playing games when he first got his Famicom. He had experienced all kinds of genres of games in his life, from old school Ice Climber to the never-ending MMORPG World of Warcraft, from pixelated 2D characters to larger than life 3D models. In the recent years, he had also grown to enjoy games without gameplay, ie. text adventure games.

The author was brought up listening to different sorts of music – general Pop, Rock, RnB, Classical, Chinese traditional instrumental, general instrumental, Japanese traditional music, etc. Languages included Chinese, Cantonese, English, Malay, and sometimes Japanese. Even though his father and sister were Classical music lovers, he did not develop a liking to it and appreciated a different type of music – soundtrack instrumental. To his surprise, no one cared or took this type of music seriously, and he was baffled by the prejudice. Most people are drown in the age where music is defined as glamour, popularity and presentation. Another interesting thing he noticed was the lack of recognition for the people behind the scenes – those who compose, arrange and write the lyrics for the songs. A simple conjecture: if one were to ask his/her friends their most favourite song, there’s a good chance that they did not know the composer or arranger. Believing that music is ultimately personal taste, the author lived on enjoying what he loved, despite the surprised faces he got when friends learnt that his favourite artist was some out of the world unknown composer.

After college, the author left for Australia to further study. In the first year of University he took up Japanese and self studied the language for a few years. Having the advantage of knowing Chinese characters, it didn’t take too long before he was able to read and understand Japanese proficiently. In the final years of University, he was blessed with the opportunity to be exposed to the world of Doujin music, which opened new horizons of music to him. Understanding Japanese was an important step to discover the music he came to adore, and ultimately the birth of this site.

It must have taken quite some patience to read up to this point, for this long and bland story. To conclude, the author would like to clarify that he does not see the current state of music as corruption and wants a liberation or anything silly. As he has emphasized more than once, music is subjective and everyone deserves to enjoy what they enjoy. As Charlie Parker best put it – “Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn“.

– The author, Jey Han Lau

Various Contributions

  • GameFAQs
    Game walkthroughs the author wrote in his school days and some reviews.
  • YouTube
    A few pieces of music the author played on his organ.
  • AnimePaper
    Some vector wallpapers the author made.


  1. I’m from Malaysia too, currently in Singapore. Thanks for the sharing!
    Let’s discover more nice music in the world!

  2. Thanks for the comment, although I must apologize I have not been too active in posting new releases, info etc…

  3. Even as a classical pianist, I enjoy every genre of music and aim to expose to most kind of world music, glad to see that someone like you who know to appreciate music in depth, looking forward to your new release…Thanks.

  4. Ah I see. Are there any artists you particularly adore?

  5. Erm… I think I like secret garden and that’s why I discover your website haha, but recently introduced by a friend about Pacific moon by japanese new age composers that would like to share with you too thier albums, one of the album” snow” is really nice, you may listen too…

  6. http://avaxhome.ws/music/various_artists_snow.html
    The composers not so famous yet but i think their music is simple but touching soul, wish this instrumental music will give u much more inspiration and imagination!

  7. Ah! File not found >< I really wanna try it out …

  8. oh ic, then listen from here:)

  9. http://www.we7.com/song/Missa-Johnouchi/Sekka?m=0

    another artist will be SENS, enjoy the music!:)

  10. Thanks. I know S.E.N.S. (although I don’t have a lot of their music), and I’ll be sure to check out the snow album. New age instrumental <3

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