Little Apps

This page is made to put up a few small applications that I’ve made, mostly for personal use. They are all windows applications.

  • Chronicle Key (download)
    Chronicle Key is a simple application that allows the user to bind shortcut keys to open a file or folder. A combination of WinKey, Control, Shift and Alpha-numerics (ie. 0-9, A-Z) can be used as the shortcut. For example, the user could bind Winkey+P to open up the “Program Files” folder, or Winkey+Control+F to open up Firefox.
  • Linca (download)
    Linca is basically a playlist generator for audio files. The idea came when I had to manually create music playlist for my Ipod, and I normally just add folders that contain the music and don’t use playlists. It’s tedious to create a playlist for each folder, album or artist and so this program is created to automate the process. There’s a little learning curve in using Linca, but if you have some folders or subfolders that contain audio files and you want to create a playlist for each folder or subfolder, the program can do it for you.

None of them programs require any installations, just copy it to any path and the executable can be run. If you bump into any bugs or problems, please let me know via email.

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