Below is a list of musicians introduced – 2 vocalists/composers and 8 composers. List is ordered by the amount of content and personal favourite.

Note that some of the pages can be potentially long and I don’t recommend reading and trying out everything in a short period of time, it’s a good idea to allow your brain to slowly digest new things.

  • Shimotsuki Haruka
    Singer/Composer. Style of music revolves around ethnic, traditional and sometimes pop. Shimotsuki’s doujin albums carry a rich feel of fantasy.
  • Shikata Akiko
    Singer/Composer. Shikata has a distinctive voice, and some of her music isn’t easy to get into, but if you do, you might find them really beautiful.
    Composer. MANYO’s instrumentals are usually simple melodies, yet powerful and create a strong atmosphere.
  • GUST Sound Team
    Composers. A 3-men-team composed of Tsuchiya Akira, Nakagawa Ken and Achiwa Daisuke. Creators of the beautiful hymmnos chant music.
  • Secret Garden
    Composer. New age, neo-classical duo. If you are new to instrumental, be sure to check them out. Occasionally features vocals or choir chants.
  • Ootani Kou
    Composer. Simple harp, piano and violin melodies are his specialty. Ootani’s music conveys a strong emotional feeling.
  • Kawai Kenji
    Composer. Kawai’s music ranges from creepy/mystery pieces to melancholy romance tracks. Heavy use of strings (violins).
  • Nanase Hikaru
    Composer. Light and easy instrumentals, also do a little singing under other names. This site focuses more on her instrumental compositions.
  • Kubota Mina
    Composer. New age pianist. Released a solo debut album recently.
  • Kuroishi Hitomi
    Composer. Kuroishi tends to include some chanting (of her own voice) into the instrumental pieces, and they are very soothing to the ears.

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