Name (Japanese) MANYO
Name (Romaji) まにょっ
Real Name Teratani Tomomi (寺谷知己)
Occupation Composer
Gender Male

MANYO’s work is about simplicity. Without using much effects and instruments, his music is usually just simple melody, yet powerful and brings you into the firm atmosphere created by it. MANYO’s work features slow to medium beat light tune, and piano is heavily used. Besides solo work, MANYO also collaborates with doujin vocalists, mostly doing the composition or arrangement. On the commercial side, he composes for game music.



MANYO started his career in 2000 under the circle Little Wing. Little Wing initially consisted of Takumaru (たくまる), waki (和気胜治) and MANYO himself. In 2001 Little Wing released 7th moon, a doujin collaboration album with Katakiri Rekka (片雾烈火) for the PC game Tsukihime (月姫), it was very well received. The team didn’t stick for too long, and eventually Takumaru and waki left, leaving just MANYO.

Little Wing is still active, but MANYO is the only member in the circle. MANYO continues to work on composing music for games, and occasionally writes songs for doujin artists. MANYO has actually worked a lot on both doujin and commercial albums, however most of them are simply beyond my reach (impossible to buy or download), and the music introduced here is not but a small fraction of his work that I have experienced.


MANYO’s main circle is Little Wing, created in 2000 with Takumaru and waki, but both had since left. Little Wing is now made up of just MANYO, and most work done by him is usually released under this circle, doujin or commercial. A new circle Arcane has just been started, consisting of MANYO (compose and arrangement) and Mutsura Tate (六浦館), an album (“Greole”) has since been released.


This section details some of MANYO’s albums. Note that this is by no means a complete discography, it contains a few albums that I am familiar with and enjoy. Each album listed contains a few handpicked sample tracks that I personally adore. Not all albums have their complete tracks listed since some of them are potentially large. An external text file containing the tracklist is provided. Also, the albums are sorted by personal favourites.

Note: Additional “sample” link is included if the stream doesn’t work.

External Links


  1. I’m quite impressed on how you were able to list down the prior Little Wing works until MANYO was only left and I too was deeply touched when I heard Cartagra’s BGM collection being that epic no matter how dark the game could be and since them im trying my best as well to collect his works and definitely its hard as pianissimo or -PP- took me about a year or so just to acquire another epic compilation

  2. Oh another fan of MANYO :) I had PP but I didn’t enjoy it too much because of its heavy jazz influence, which is why it’s not listed here ><

    As a side note if you like MANYO’s vocal composition there’s an album Thanksgiving releasing on March.

  3. i did know about the Thanksgiving album though under the Circle Arcane IIRC and speaking of which if you know about TENMON (also good works) minori is going to release ef OST

  4. Well arcane or little wing the guy behind is MANYO so it doesn’t matter ^^

    Yea I know Tenmon, a frequent collaborator with Makoto Shinkai and his stuff is all melodic piano music. I like his stuff too but not as much as others (those that I’ve put up here) and I think Tenmon is a little more popular due to his involvement with Makoto.

  5. […] track, it’s literally filled with his signature stamps (for comparison, have a listen at “LUNA”). And of course, being a MANYO fan, I couldn’t appreciate it more. A little off from the […]

  6. ohh yeah something about manyo if you ever find one on the internets id like to know lol its an m3 release so im not sure when it’ll be out i was looking for groele but never found it

  7. Hm actually I have Greole, and also Seisei no Astoria. I didn’t like them though, I find them a little too gloomy and dry. I can pass it to you if you’re interested.

  8. why not?! since een though they are not good its still MANYO @_@ lol

  9. Hmm… I don’t just go collect things if they are from my favourite artists. I don’t see any point of keeping them in my music library if I don’t like them : p

  10. Little Wing its really awesome, since I hear it I was spellbound !!! iTS AMAZING!!!

  11. I’m actually more of a Shimotsuki Haruka fan (Shimotsukin), but to be honest, I like her songs even more when her work is arranged together with MANYO. I really like MANYO’s composition, it’s next to Jun Maeda, in my case. Anyway, I hope to look forward to many of his work.

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