Secret Garden

Name Secret Garden
Team Members Fionnuala Sherry, Rolf Løvland
Occupation Composers
Gender Female (Fionnuala), Male (Rolf)

Secret Garden is a duo made up of Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and Norwegian pianist Rolf Løvland. It started as an instrumental band and first gained worldwide attention when they won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995 with “Nocturne“, a track loved by many of their fans. Secret Garden releases mostly instrumental albums, although it is not unusual to have guest vocalists singing for some of their songs, the most notable one being their recent album “Inside I’m Singing”, which is a full vocal album.

Secret Garden’s music is best described as New Age or Neo-classical. The genre is described below. While it might not be common knowledge, Secret Garden (Rolf Løvland) is the original composer of the much acclaimed song “You Raise Me Up“, which has been sang, recorded, re-arranged by hundreds of other artists.


Background and Career

Rolf Løvland was born in Kristiansand in Norway. He started composing at an early age and later went on to study music and received his Masters degree at the Norwegian Institute of Music. Fionnula Sherry grew up in Ireland and was brought up in a musical family. She started playing violin at the age of eight, and eventually moved to Dublin to study music and later graduated from Trinity College in Dublin and the College of Music.

Secret Garden started in 1994 when Rolf Løvland first met Fionnula Sherry. In 1995, their song “Nocturne” won the Eurovision Song Contest for Norway, and the success gained them their first album “Songs from a Secret Garden”. It was very well received internationally.

In the next few years, several albums, “White Stones”, “Dawn of a New Century”, “Dreamcatcher”, were released and they were highly praised, scoring chart hit around the world.

New Age

New Age is defined as a genre of music that produces inspiration and positive feelings, in a way it can be thought of as a healing type of music. It is usually not determined by the use of devices in its creation, but more on the feeling or atmosphere it gives. However, with that said, string instruments like violin and piano are used more commonly than others.


This section details some of the albums released by Secret Garden. Note that this is not a complete discography. Each album listed contains a few handpicked sample tracks that I personally adore. Also, the albums are sorted by personal favourites.

Note: Additional “sample” link is included if the stream doesn’t work.

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