Shimotsuki Haruka

Name (Japanese) 霜月はるか
Name (Romaji) Shimotsuki Haruka
Occupation Singer/Composer
Gender Female

In general, Shimotsuki’s music can be separated into 2 main categories – her more pop’ish commercial side and her fantasy-rich doujin compositions. For the first category, her work revolves around game theme songs, mostly composed by other people, they are generally j-pop and usually aren’t too special. It was her doujin work that caught my attention initially and it slowly grew on me, and before long, I became a fan of it.

Shimotsuki composes, writes the lyrics and sings for most of her doujin work (although she doesn’t always arrange them). The music is generally very rich instrument-wise, and it ranges from mysterious/secret themes to happy, quick beat tunes.



Shimotsuki Haruka started her career in 2001 as a doujin artist under the circle named Maple Leaf. Her first doujin album Ciel Etoile, was a re-arrangement of some tracks from Air. 2 more instrumental albums were released later on, but it was not until late 2002 when her first original vocal album Yuragu Sora (ユラグソラ) was released, and that was the starting point where Shimotsuki defined her own style of rich fantasy traditional and ethnic music. While still doing some commercial work, mostly for game theme songs composed by various people, Shimotsuki released several doujin vocal albums in the next few years.

In 2004, she and myu formed kukui. Several singles and albums have since been made, with their first commercial album Hikari no Rasenritsu (光の螺旋律) released a year later.

In 2005, Shimotsuki released her first commercial album Ashiato Rhythm (あしあとリズム), which is a compilation of mostly game theme songs she did in the past few years. A year later in 2006, she held her first solo live (concert). Half of the songs performed were from her doujin side of work, and almost all of them were her own compositions.

Tindharia no Tane (ティンダーリアの種) was released in 2007, and it was her first commercial original album. Music style is not too different from her previous doujin work, although Tindharia no Tane is an album telling a story in the form of music and lyrics. The story was realized with the release of a drama CD a year later.

In 2008, another commercial compilation album Oto no Compass (音のコンパス) was released and she had her second solo live. Concert style was still similar, songs performed consisted of both of her doujin and commercial work, although the proportion of her fantasy compositions was considerably less compared to her first live.


Below is a list of some circles Shimotsuki’s involved:

  • kukui
  • A 2 person band consists of Shimotsuki herself and myu. Shimotsuki mostly sings and writes the lyrics while myu does the composing and arrangement. Genre is generally pop.

  • Sound Horizon
  • Sound Horizon is a musical group with only 1 constant-running member, Revo as the leader, who generally composes, arranges and writes the lyrics for the songs. Singers are invited from all sorts of background to collaborate for a few songs or albums. Fantasy-rock best describes the style of music.

  • Maple Leaf
  • Shimotsuki’s main and own doujin circle. Shimotsuki is the only main member in the circle, where she does most of the composition, lyrics and of course singing. Arrangement is sometimes done by other people – friends or frequent collaborators. As mentioned before, her doujin work revolves around traditional and ethnic sort of music, usually bearing an air of eastern mysticism.

  • tieLeaf
  • Shimotsuki’s secondary doujin circle. Besides music, it releases illustrations, drama CD’s, etc related to the fiction world created by the circle. The circle is composed of Hiyama Nao (日山尚), Sorano Ao (空乃蒼) and Shimotsuki herself. Style of music is similar to her Maple Leaf circle doujin work.


This section details some of Shimotsuki’s doujin and commercial albums. Note that this is not a complete discography for her, it’d be long to list them all and there wouldn’t be much of a point. Each album listed contains a few handpicked sample tracks that I personally adore. Also, the albums are sorted by personal favourites.

Note: Additional “sample” link is included if the stream doesn’t work.


As of 2008, Shimotsuki has held 2 live (concerts) in Japan. Side note for the track list, * = doujin, -<name> = composer.

External Links

  • Wikipedia (English)
    Shimotsuki’s English wikipedia page. Contains a good amount of information on her discography, career, and other things.
  • Wikipedia (Japanese)
    Shimotsuki’s Japanese wikipedia page. Not as comprehensive as the English counterpart.
  • Official website (Maple Leaf) (Japanese)
    Shimotsuki’s official website, it has her blog, a complete discography of everything she had worked and a lot other information. News and blog are updated frequently.
  • tieLeaf’s official website (Japanese)
    Shimotsuki’s tieLeaf official website. Contains updates and information on things released under her tieLeaf circle.
  • VGMdb (English)
    Contains information on game related songs Shimotsuki did.


  1. I’m fan of Shimotsuki. I love her voice.

  2. And she just released a mini-single with the limited edition of the Tindharia no Tane manga. The song included in it is called 夢渡し, and it’s already on FFShrine, as always. :)

    Also, I was wondering if you have heard about the remix for Tsukioi no Toshi that was released in a CD during her Solo Live 2.

  3. Yea I already got yume watashi ^^

    Don’t think it’s released in a CD, but she sang the “acoustic” version of Yuragu Sora and Tsukioi Toshi in her second concert. I’ve mentioned that in the page above.

    Too bad I’ll never find out what is it =/

  4. Well, the pamphlets that were sold in that concert included a CD with three songs: a new (and unnamed one), Kokuu Kanadeshi Uta, and a remix for Tsukioi no Toshi (titled Tsukioi no Toshi ~ Elthia_Laq_Ecliss).

    Though yeah, it seems that both she and Shikata are singing versions of their songs on their concerts that we’ll never get to hear… (about Shikata, I think I have read elsewhere that her concert version of Chronicle Key had added Japanese lyrics, aside from the original Hymmnos ones… and sorry for being pessimistic….) :(

  5. Ah more sadfaces : (

    And I see no news about concert DVD releases. I was a tad bit excited when I saw the “Concert Items Sale” but it turns out to be a bunch of small concert merchandises =/

  6. […] Hyped, I am guessing the style will be similar to Thindaria no Tane. […]

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